"Que mis enemigos sean fuertes y bravos, para que yo no sienta remordimiento al derrotarlos" Proverbio Sioux
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Pawel Kuczynski’s satirical art. Take a moment to look at these properly.

This guy is not even slightly in the area of fucking around

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had fun in the halloween section of target today.

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otp: Stana Katic + hot pink

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DC WOMEN presents:

"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit"

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drop me an ask if you wish to identify any characters here! (sans the first image)

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at last -by E


Almond Butter Apple Toast with Sea Salt & Honey.

This is the beginning of an apple extravaganza, in honor of its finally being gray and just the slightest bit chilly two mornings in a row here in LA. Which I love. I crave the reprieve from sun in a way that is very uncharacteristic of a girl raised on Maui and living in southern California.

And the apples. The apples are perfect right now. And yes, you can go apple picking in southern California! (More on that tomorrow.)

This toast is the perfect breakfast, afternoon snack, or anytime nibble. Complete plant protein from the raw, sprouted almond butter (details on where that’s from below), extra zing from freshly picked apples, the warm splash of cinnamon, and the depth of honey and sea salt.

Read more about all the locally made goodness in this picture, and get the recipe here.

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Black M3

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i enjoy how they didnt over sexualize their prince costumes. like esp with jasmine. she couldve totally been in aladdin’s vest, but nope. fully clothed. thanks. 

laughing because Mulan looks the same

things i loved more then i expected, this

this is honestly one of my favorite posts ever

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